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20 July
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Why has interior design become so popular among other services?
People have understood the importance of the beauty of the space around them and are ready to invest enough money in it.
And at the same time the need for design today is very high, and there are still a very few good specialists
Owners of apartments, houses, townhouses - need a modern and comfortable interior
Anyone who aims to work and master this profession consistently can learn how to competently create design projects.

In just 3 days
you will try yourself as an interior designer

learn the basics of this profession and develop an interior concept

12 years in design

Speaker and lecturer of the leading architectural universities in the world

International team of interior designers
Founder of interior design studio DustinDesign
all over the world

In a programme
Day 1
Introduction to the profession of interior designer
Acquaintance with the profession and skills required for the job
And also how to master this profession if you have never done design in your life?

On day 1 you will learn:

What is an interior designer?

How is the renovation done and what is the role of the designer in it?

Introduction to the profession of interior designer

What is a design project? Why is it needed?

What happens if you make repairs without a design project?

Key stages of design project development

On day 2 you will learn:

The principles of combining premises into one whole

How to combine different materials in the decoration of the room?

Color work. How to choose the right gamma?
Ways to enrich the interior with light

How to use built-in furniture?
Day 2
How to create a modern interior design

Basic principles of good design
in modern style
And also what programs does the designer work in, and how do they work?

On day 3 you will learn:

How much does a designer earn in 2022?

Work in the state, freelance or own studio. What to choose?

Types of services that a designer can provide

How to create a flow of customers for your services?

How to sell your services for a high price?

Day 3
We are entering a fundamentally new level
How to become an expensive interior designer that everyone wants to work with?
And also the ways of development of a designer in this profession

During the marathon you will
come up with the concept and layout of your first interior

and understand how to start your career in design

We will prove that everyone can become an interior designer from scratch

And create the same masterpieces

as our students do

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will receive valuable

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Check list
What is an interior designer. Pros and cons of the profession
Principles of good design planning
Sites for inspiration and finding items that will make your job easier

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